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Visit Site!Wholesale Video Games. Find the best distributorsHow Wholesale Video Games Allowed Me To Turn $200 into a Full Time Business with the Help of Reliable Dropshippers! …and why after 22 years of business experience, I am sharing my guarded distributors, tactics and methods with with you for a short time (and the clock really is ticking)…

Video Gaming is One of the Hottest Businesses of 2018 and Beyond …and showing no signs of slowing down

Well there is a story behind it. In short, that’s me but please allow me to introduce myself. I am still getting used to it, but most of my contacts in the video game business have decided to nickname me the ‘Video Game Godfather." Kind of a silly name I know but just for the record, I am clearly not a some mafia guy or anything, it’s only a nickname! LOL! Who I am is an internet marketer with extensive experience in the video game industry in particular, selling games online. I have a very good reason for wanting to help you do the same as I will soon explain. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but not long ago, I felt like a complete loser. I was by no means, an internet guru or marketing genius. I was not some hotshot out of business school. Actually it was quite the opposite… Working the graveyard shift at the local hospital as a security guard making $6 per hour, my wife and I lived paycheck to paycheck in our one bedroom apartment. We shared an old clunker car that ran about half of the time. In my humble beginnings I guess I had just been in my own little world for so long growing my business from scratch, I took for granted what it was that I had accomplished. The big… Read more…

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