Truth About How To Catch A Football — Truth About How To Catch A Football

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Visit Site!Truth About How To Catch A Football — Truth About How To Catch A FootballTruth About How To Catch A Football is a system that was created specifically to help skilled athletes build the hand strength, finger dexterity, and softness an athlete needs in order to catch every pass thrown to them.

Listen I know the feeling, knowing that your teammates and coaches don’t trust you to hold onto that game winning pass.

Think about it for a second – what would you do if I told you I can transform you from a bench warmer, to a key player of your team – the superstar under those Friday night lights?

Six years ago I was in your shoes. Back in high school  my catching ability was far below what I wanted it to be.

It seemed like no matter how hard I tried I could never quite get a good grip on the passes that were being thrown to me during practice.

That was until I said, “enough is enough! There has to be a way for me to develop the hands I need to catch every pass.”

I did what I do best. I researched my ass off and watched countless videos of all the greatest skill players doing their thing. I studied how they caught the ball from beginning to end.

I saw how they received the ball into their hands; from first contact to tuck away. Every aspect of the action shined through.

Having a background in fitness I knew that in order for a skill player to actually have a chance in catching a speeding ball they needed a great deal of grip strength. Without having a strong enough grip to absorb the impact of the football the ball would easily pass through the players hands.

I also recognized was that every great skill player had the finger dexterity to… Read more…

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