The Little Website That Could – The Ultimate E-Commerce Guide

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Visit Site!Did you ever just get so sick of buying one program after another that promises to teach you EVERYTHING about getting rich on the Internet?

Yeah, well…so did I. For 8 long years, I searched and studied and tried to find that magic formula. I bought every program and book I could possibly afford.

Then, I realized one day that I had discovered it. After lots of struggle and trial and error, I finally had a successful e-commerce store.

Then another, and another. It was something that became easy to duplicate with each store I created, once I had learned the formula.

It’s not complicated, but there is a lot to know about selling on the Internet. You have to know how it all works and what sells.

After I figured it out myself, I wrote a book about it. It sold a lot of copies in 2000. My readers went on to become millionaires – some of them. I did radio interviews about it and tried to teach it to everyone I possibly could back then. I knew what it felt like to buy information about Internet marketing and find out the information was useless. Why did I write this book in the first place? I like to see people succeed. It’s the one thing I enjoy more than anything else. So, it makes sense that I’m back in the game of helping others.

Then 9/11 happened. The dotcom crash happened. I decided to run away to Alaska because like a lot of people, I had a sort of breakdown after the Twin Towers collapsed. I stayed there for a decade. I created even more e-commerce stores that were very successful.

In 2011 I decided to return to the Lower 48 states and find a home… Read more…




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