Generate Referrals With Easy-to-Use Referral Marketing Systems

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Visit Site!How much is each new customer worth to your business over the lifetime of their patronage – Hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars? What is the best method of attracting more of these valued customers? Suppose that you knew how you could easily add the most highly effective, yet inexpensive techniques to generate a steady flow… or even a "flood" of these new customers. Now suppose that these prospects contact you and are already "pre-sold" on buying your product and/or service! Sound too good to be true? Well, consider this… Statistics show that the quickest and easiest marketing method you can use to dramatically increase your company’s bottom-line is by attracting targeted “pre-sold” prospects through the generation of referrals. For example… According to a recent Jupiter Media Metrix survey, 70% of Internet users are compelled to visit new web sites through referrals. The truth is… unless you are constantly and systematically generating sales from referrals, you are missing out on a significant profit opportunity. The Problem: How exactly do you systematically generate prospects that are "pre-sold" on your product? The Solution: With referral marketing "systems" If you have never heard of referral marketing "systems" – let me explain to you the "secrets" of how they work with this story… As a marketing coach and consultant, I talk to clients and prospective clients all day long helping them increase sales with high-ROI marketing techniques. When I first start consulting with a client, almost all mention that they receive a small percentage of new business through referrals, and that they want to increase this number due to the high quality of prospects they generate. But, most businesses do not have a formal process or system for the generation of referrals. In fact, most do… Read more…


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