Free and Legal Places to Get iPad/iPad 2 Movies

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The iPad’s big screen and long battery life make it the perfect gadget for watching videos and movies. For movie lovers there are a lot of completely free, legal movies out there that just awaits to be taken. Today we bring you some top destinations for free and legal movies on iPad/iPad 2. Some, like Netflix and Hulu, are apps that you download, while others are iPad-optimized sites that help you find and watch the best TV and movies the Web has to offer. If you want to watch TV and movies from your own collection, you can use Mac DVD to iPad Converter to Convert all the DVD movies and videos to iPad compatible video format.

Netflix – Top 1 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
The grand poobah of streaming movies, Netflix is also one of the best and most complete iPad video applications. The constantly growing library has full seasons of TV shows like Friday Night Lights and Mythbusters, and a huge collection of movies ranging from mob dramas like The Godfather to light-hearted animated films like Up. The app also lets you manage your DVD and Watch Instantly queue, and syncs your progress to the Web so you can pick up on a bigger screen when you get home.

Clicker – Top 2 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
Some of the best video on the Web doesn’t come from television networks. It comes from YouTube, Vimeo, and companies like Revision3, and Clicker is a Web site that acts as a TV Guide for all the Web’s video (including the network stuff), and if you visit it from the iPad/iPad 2, you’ll get all iPad-compatible video. Whether you’re looking for shows like The Guild or the latest from ESPN, it’s all on Clicker.

Air Video – Top 3 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
Air Video takes the video on your computer, and streams the videos to your iPad. It converts unsupported files on the fly, and plays almost any file type you throw at it. You set up an Air Video server on your computer (it’s easier than you think), and then connect it to Air Video. Getting Air Video to stream when you’re not on the same wireless network, which you can do from anywhere over Wi-Fi or 3G, isn’t as simple, but it is doable

ZumoCast – Top 4 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
Zumocast software does essentially what the Slingbox does, but with your computer instead of your cable box. On your PC, you designate folders you want to share (like your music and movies), and then with a username and password you can log in and access all the files over the Internet. You can view documents, along with image, video, and music files right from your iPad, and you can even download them so you can access them when you’re offline. ZumoCast can stream remotely over 3G and Wi-Fi, and will play any file format you throw at it.

HuluPlus – Top 5 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
HuluPlus is a new segment of Hulu that allows you to download and stream HD movies to your iPad and other devices. You will find a wide variety of movies on this site, ranging from old classics to movies that are due for release in theaters. They offer a free trial that lasts for a week. Then you will have to pay a membership fee of $7.99 per month.

Network TV Sites – Top 6 legal place to get free iPad/iPad 2 movies
Many network shows can be viewed with the Hulu Plus app, but many of the networks have more complete solutions, with lots of extra material and information. ABC has a free app with plenty of recent episodes of its shows, as well as the ABC TV schedule and information about its lineup. The CBS site is iPad-optimized, so you can watch episodes, clips and more right from Mobile Safari. Bravo has an iPad app for streaming full episodes, and TBS has one with more limited functionality.

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